Safe & Sound For Baby


Safe & Sound for Baby brochures are perfect for playgroups, doctor’s offices, day cares, and other baby related service companies. Download the brochure here. Watch this video to learn more about Safe & Sound for baby. This non-manufacturer specific brochure, titled Safe & Sound for Baby, illustrates the proper use of many juvenile products. The

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Brochures, Training, Policy and Research Articles

Brochures Of the following brochures, Tummy Time is the only brochure available for purchase. However, you can download and print all 3 brochures for free. A Parents’ Guide to Safe Sleep PDF Document This brochure includes information for parents about infant sleep positioning and practices as well as describes how parents can work with child

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HCCA Safe Sleep Campaign

HCCA Safe Sleep Campaign In 2003, the American Academy of Pediatrics partnered with national child care and health organizations to build on the achievements of two successful campaigns: The Back to Sleep Campaign and the Healthy Child Care America Campaign. This effort, known as the Healthy Child Care America Back to Sleep Campaign, aimed to

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